An easy-to-learn concept design framework

1 Relying on intuition or copying other websites (even successful ones) leads to serious fundamantal flaws that can be very costly or even fatal to your website. Yet still most people start with drawing wireframes or studying best case practises instead of taking time to define a concept that would let them see the big picture and prevent major failures.

The reason why "project owners" skip the concept design phase is a lack of cross-area education.

Very few people actually understand relations between marketing, psychology and technology and therefore it is difficult for them to construct the big picture.


Web directing framework, inspired by easy-to-understand logic of film directors, helps you analyze the big picture and visualize it to make sure you and everyone else on the team see how it all fits together.

The framework has been already tested in real-life on numerous projects and workshops. We are now working on an ebook and video tutorials. Stay tuned!